Without airs and graces

By Pascal SteinwachsMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

Her trademarks are the short grey hairstyle and the eye-catching architect's glasses. Her hobbyhorse is culture in all its facets. Her destination is the Ministry of State. A train ride, a visit to an exhibition and much more with the déi gréng's top candidate, Sam Tanson.

It is shortly before 5 pm. We are waiting for Sam Tanson at the main station. It is pouring with rain. The train to Esch leaves in three minutes. Here comes the minister. With a raincoat, but without a bodyguard. Other ministers are not so modest and prefer to be driven around the country in their official cars at every opportunity.

Caught in the downpour

If we'd known beforehand what time the train to Esch leaves, we wouldn't have to run like this. We make a small sprint and catch the train at the very last second. The conductor is already closing the doors when she sees us running and stops the closing process. Maybe she just recognised the minister.

The train is full. Luckily we manage to get two seats on a four-seater. From Bettembourg onwards we are alone. In the past – and it must have been very much in the past – she used to take the train to Esch several times a week to take part in athletics training at the Fola together with, among others, Joëlle Welfring (today's Minister of the Environment, déi gréng).

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