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The 1st January 2021 marked a new chapter in the long history of the Lëtzebuerger Journal, as the printed daily newspaper became a digital magazine.

We want to tackle the cross-media trends that are shaking the foundations of quality journalism and not surrender to fake news and tabloids.

Our multilingual platform promotes critical thinking and democratic debate. We base these efforts on 9 principles.

  • 01


    While newspaper printing presses will keep rolling for another couple of years, modern journalism needs to get back in tune with its audience.

    The digital-first Journal serves you information at the flick of a thumb. We focus on content, not packaging.

  • 02


    Farewell to the one-dimensional world of print.

    Journalism in the 21st century should be versatile when it comes to communicating information and embrace podcasting, video and offbeat narrative formats. The Journal offers reports, background information and analyses, adapting to today’s habits and expectations.

  • 03


    Clickbait and "fast news" flood your news feed, without quenching your thirst for knowledge and information.

    The Journal avoids the routines of the daily news and press conference cycles. What are the crucial issues that affect or interest you? They provide the basis for our journalistic work.

  • 04


    Rather than waste your time with irrelevant news and doomscrolling, we want to take you on a deep dive into the issues that really matter and give you the big picture.

    The Journal makes a thoughtful selection of the most relevant news in society, economics and politics, and provides you with context and a fresh perspective on the essentials.

  • 05


    The fast news business is all about grabbing your attention and keeping you in a bubble.

    We at the Journal don't aim for mass production of catchy headlines, and are committed to putting quality first, only engaging in the conversation if we can make a real contribution. We want to remain curious and are not afraid to reconsider our opinions along the way.

  • 06


    Hastily written opinion pieces generate traffic, outrage and condemnation doubly so.

    The result: journalistic rigour is too often cast aside in favour of sensationalism and divisive discourse. The Journal does not intend to exaggerate or dramatise, but to build bridges, encourage thoughtful debate and contribute to constructive solution-finding.

  • 07


    Journalism is for the people, so it should be bottom-up, not top-down.

    Which voices should be heard and who are the characters behind the stories? The Journal delivers complex news in an intelligible way, with heart and soul.

  • 08


    Join us on our exciting journey, because journalism is not a one-way street.

    The Journal is a participatory and user-focused platform. Exchanging with our community is a cornerstone of our work. Through feedback and suggestions, we want you to be involved in shaping the Journal.

  • 09


    Bye, bye, ad blocker.

    The Journal refrains from annoying advertising on its platform and is largely funded by its subscribers. Only a select group of strategic partners supports the innovative concept and the production of high-quality sponsored content.

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