"We want to call the shots in this city"

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The déi gréng in the capital do not want to settle for a place in the second row, i.e. a role as junior partner. The party clearly has its sights set on the mayor's post after June 11. We went on a city walk with Claudie Reyland and Charles Wennig.

That sounds like a good idea. Pick a city and two candidates who are running in the local elections, join them as they walk through their community and asks them what they are concerned about regarding their community. If they are opposition politicians, they are asked to give concrete examples of what their party would do better if they were in charge. Or, if they are representatives of the majority, you ask them what is going well, but could perhaps be done better.

These don't have to be, no, they shouldn't necessarily be the best-known names, because everyone wants to talk to them at the moment anyway. To kick off our new series in the run-up to the municipal elections on June 11, we walk the streets of the capital with Claudie Reyland and Charles Wennig of déi gréng.

Avenue Pasteur as a negative prime example

Claudie Reyland, who became a member of the capital's municipal council in 2017, is part of the dual leadership of the capital's Greens, but is clearly overshadowed by frontrunner François Benoy, who mostly speaks out in public and who is also seeking the mayoralty. The 58-year-old is a veterinarian, lives in Limpertsberg and has her practice in Junglinster.

Charles Wennig has not yet held any local political office, and currently works as a "professeur détaché" (seconded teacher) at the Escher Konschthal. Wennig, who lives in Rollingergrund, is no stranger in the art scene. "I was born in 1972, the year the Club of Rome's report The Limits to Growth on the state of humanity was published. Ever since I've been able to think politically, I've seen that something is going wrong, and that if we carry on like this, we'll hit the wall, " is Wennig's explanation of why he is involved with the Greens of all parties.

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