"Political activism is in my blood"

By Sarah RaparoliMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

Luxembourg is known for many things. Unfortunately, a wide range of hip secondhand stores is not one of them. Laure Cales wants to change that. The dedicated young woman had planned to open her store in March 2020, but then the coronavirus put an (initial) spoke in her wheel. About the ups and downs of self-employment, the future of her store and the attitude of Luxembourgers towards slow fashion.

It's a gray Wednesday morning. The weather app on the smartphone shows just under ten degrees above zero – time to get inside quickly. But already on the street, the store owner greets with a friendly and excited smile. "Come in!" she replies, holding the door open that rings every time you enter. The shop Pilea on Rue Glesener is reminiscent of a home's own "Stuff." Large armchairs invite to hot cafés and vegan cakes. Or so they would. Because no one has sat here for four months.

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"Political activism is in my blood"


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