Science fiction rather than pirate movies

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Marc Goergen is the second best-known pirate in Luxembourg after Sven Clement, who represents his party in parliament with the latter. Though, Goergen, who is not without controversy, is also the coordinator of the Piratepartei.

At the beginning of the interview, he was somewhat reserved, but in the course of the conversation that we had on Monday last week in the premises of the Pirates, Marc Goergen thawed. Incidentally, the 36-year-old gained his first political experience in the DP before he then decided, after a break of two years, to get involved with the Luxembourg Pirates, who, as is well known, were initially ridiculed rather than taken seriously. In addition to being a member of parliament, Goergen is also a municipal councillor in Petingen.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: What do you actually have against the Journal, which has even been worth the one or other parliamentary question to you?

Marc Goergen: The Pirates have nothing at all against the Journal, but we have something against a party owning a newspaper. We are concerned solely with the structure of the Journal. If a newspaper is owned by a party, then that must also be communicated transparently to the outside world. We believe that no press organ in Luxembourg should be controlled by any party. Instead, there must be strong press support, we need neutral reporting.

So you believe that the Journal journalists allow themselves to be influenced?

We have never said that and that is not my opinion. However, I have noticed, and I will be glad to be proven wrong in the 2023 election campaign, that the "Journal" was always full of ads for DP candidates just before the elections, which of course can be a coincidence. With a new management and a new concept, the "Journal" can now show in 2023 that this is no longer the case.

How is the Pirates' party medium,, doing?

We don't have a party medium. The fact is that Sven Clement is one of the co-founders of, but he did that as a private person.

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Science fiction rather than pirate movies


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