The ones with Frieden

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Officially, the campaign for the municipal elections will not be launched until May 15, four weeks before election day on June 11. The campaign for the national elections on October 8 even only starts on September 4. In reality, of course, the campaign is already in full swing – also within the CSV.

How are the political parties preparing for the super election year? Who is responsible for the election campaign? Who is calling on the support of foreign specialists? Who is doing it all in-house? We asked, and made a new series out of it.

A pug with a ukulele

We start with the CSV, which is still the largest party in terms of membership and parliamentary seats, but in terms of national politics has had to cope with a still unfamiliar opposition role for two legislative periods now.

While the CSV used to pride itself on being "déi mam Juncker", the party is now on the verge of becoming "déi mam Frieden" – if the national and district delegates of the CSV will adopt the designated top candidate for the legislative elections this weekend at their convention in the Deich hall in Ettelbruck, which is more of a formality.

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