Making the CSV relevant again

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CSV President Frank Engel is not done with what he had planned for the party. Ever since he took over as party president in January 2019, he has wanted the CSV to become relevant again. His wish continues to this day.

The fact that Frank Engel is a man who has travelled a lot in his life cannot be overlooked in his presidential office in the "Waassergaas". In addition to numerous travel guides, there are all kinds of souvenirs, including a number of impressive figurines from Namibia. On monday, we met with the CSV president, who is a brilliant mind but not without controversy in his own party.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: Mr. Engel, have you started the new year well and what are your plan, both political and private?

Frank Engel: I started the new year quite calmly, as probably all of us did. Contrary to my fears, I even managed to stay up until shortly after midnight. First and foremost, I resolved to get less upset. And I resolved to finish what I started. In general, though, I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions.

When we last interviewed you (in February 2019), you had just taken office as party president and wished for the CSV, which had just been sent into opposition for the second time, to become relevant again. Did you succeed in doing that?

Making the CSV relevant again still is my wish today.

Is the relationship between the party and the parliamentary group really as bad as it appears from the outside?

No, that's not true; overall, there is no bad relationship between the party and the faction, because the faction is part of the party. However, there are different views on a number of substantive orientations. We have different views on certain approaches.

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Making the CSV relevant again


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