“We are all loners”

By Melody HansenLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Hearing impaired and deaf people in Luxembourg are particularly likely to suffer from isolation. Communication with hearing people only takes place once barriers have been overcome. Mandatory mask-wearing has exacerbated the problem. Covering the mouth area makes it impossible to read lips. How those affected experience the pandemic.

“We are all loners”, says Fabio Giusti. By ‘we’, he means hearing-impaired and deaf people in Luxembourg. For them, it is almost always awkward to get into conversation with other people. Too many barriers stand in the way of a natural exchange. At the beginning of March, when masks were made compulsory, another barrier was added. Since then, the lips of the people they meet are covered. Lip-reading is no longer possible without further ado.

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“We are all loners”


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