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From 2021 on, the Lëtzebuerger Journal has been a purely digital medium. Since then, the publisher has also been producing podcasts and multimedia articles labeled as "Branded Content" in collaboration with partners.

"We put as much heart into our branded content as we do everything else."

Maxime Toussaint, Team Lead for Podcasts and Branded Content

The subjects we cover in our productions are in tune with the times. They are qualitative, inclusive and multilingual.

Mäin Element

In this podcast, we talk about research with the FNR – Luxembourg National Research Fund. Well… mainly about the people behind it, here in the Grand Duchy.

And we've been named Best Branded Podcast 2022 by RTL Luxembourg for it.

Evergreens by Spuerkeess

Sustainability, security and technology: we're talking banking and finance with Spuerkeess. For 27 (twenty-seven) episodes – already.

Many of our partners have been with us for several years. But new ones join us from time to time…

Et Geet Dach!

New for 2024: since March, we've been talking about equal opportunity with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Diversity.

Craft Your Balance

The Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts talks about well-being and safety in the workplace.

But before talking together, we wrote together.

Luxembourgish craftsmanship

From glassblowers to window builders, 12 articles – texts accompanied by high-quality audio and photos – portraying craftsmen and women, and their craft.

Engines of Society

We're still writing – and representing.

In our articles with Losch, we highlight women who are having a positive impact on Luxembourg. All on the roads of the country, behind the wheel of a beautiful car.

New Work

Like our formats, the working world is constantly changing.

Back in audio, we talk with the Chamber of Employees about the rights of all employees in Luxembourg.

Gréng op den Oueren

Enovos is all about greener living and sustainable lighting.

We talk about all this… and much, much more. Never short of energy.

So, what do you want us to talk about?

All our podcasts are here. Those in collaboration with partners are also available on all audio streaming platforms – such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts – and free to access on our website.

Contact us at We'll take care of the rest.

From conception to content production.

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