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From concept to production: We accompany you in the creation of your podcast. Studio J is the Branded Content department of Editions Letzeburger Journal S.A.

By definition, a podcast is audio content created to be distributed online.

More and more companies, brands, and institutions are incorporating podcasts into their communication strategies.

Why choose a podcast?

A podcast is a unique form of communication that stands out from traditional communication methods.

The key to this lies in the relationship that forms between the listeners and the podcast participants.

According to a 2019 BBC study, podcasts generate significantly higher engagement due to their intimate and conversational nature.

94% of podcast listeners consume this content while doing something else. They want to use their time efficiently while listening to something informative on the side.

Podcasts are a companion medium consumed while performing other tasks, such as driving, tidying up, or while sitting in the train. This versatility makes podcasts particularly attractive and ensures a high listening duration.



Contact us at maxime.toussaint@journal.lu to discuss further!

We look forward to helping you take the step towards your very own branded podcast – from concept to production.

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