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By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

When all the other Luxembourg parties were still holding their election congresses in musty gymnasiums, and at most tried to embellish them with a few flowerpots, the DP was already rigorously relying on professionalism. Even today, the DP leaves nothing to chance in the election campaign.

How are the political parties preparing for the super election year? Who is responsible for the election campaign? Who is calling on the support of foreign specialists? Who is doing it all in-house? We asked, and made a new series out of it.

Today we are looking at the DP, the largest of the three governing parties. The DP is also the party of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who has held the presidency of the government since December 2013 and wants to keep it after 8 October.

The DP as a model for other parties

First of all, however, the municipal elections are coming up on 11 June, and here it is particularly important for the Democratic Party to defend the mayor's seat in Luxembourg City, which has been in the hands of the DP without interruption since 1970. The mayor of the capital and the first woman ever to hold the post was Colette Flesch.

Since then, the DP has had – and still has – a whole series of self-confident women in its ranks. Among them is the former national table tennis player Carole Hartmann, who has been in parliament and on the Echternach municipal council since 2018, and has also been the DP's secretary-general since June last year.

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