What artists do on the radio

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A different kind of radio: 100 artists on 100 days, each with 22 hours of broadcasting time in which they can do whatever they want. Plus, a daily two-hour programme live from a kitchen: À table! Radio Art Zone makes it possible.

Some people have the radio on in the background all day. They usually only turn up the volume when the news comes on or when a favourite song is playing – maybe even when there's a competition. But radio can be so much more than that, at times also art.

The world's largest radio art project

Welcome to Radio Art Zone, to our knowledge the largest project of radio art worldwide, set up by the British-German artist duo Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch 2022 and organised in collaboration with Radio Ara from June 18, to September 25.

The radio art can be heard in the south of the country on Radio Ara's new FM frequency, 87.8 MHz, and watched as a live stream on the internet, while the broadcasts are taken over in part, sometimes in full, by a dozen partner radio stations in Europe and in North and South America.

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