"We are underground"

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

For the seventh and perhaps also the last time, the artists' collective Cueva invites you to one of its fabulous exhibitions until the end of October, which, at seven months, is not only extra long this time, but also particularly spectacular because of the Metzeschmelz location.

Even getting to the Metzeschmelz is a bit of an adventure – at least for an inhabitant of the capital city who is unfamiliar with the site. The access gate through which visitors normally enter the exhibition at weekends (it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) was locked during our visit on a Friday, so Cueva head Théid Johanns had to manoeuvre us to the Expo from another entrance, still strictly guarded by a porter.

The longest art road in the country

Johanns on his bike, we in the car, because wanting to go on foot, people just told us: "no, no – much too far", which in this case is actually not an exaggeration. Until we arrive at the exhibition site, we drive for what feels like an eternity through empty factory halls that command respect simply because of their sheer size, and whose industrial charm is hard to resist.

Where steel flowed just a few years ago, a new residential district is to be built at some point. The demolition work on the former industrial site in Esch-Schifflange has already begun, although Cueva exhibitions only ever take place in places or buildings that are demolished or completely rebuilt shortly afterwards. Until then, however, the artists can let off steam once again, although the previous Cueva projects, which all took place in Esch, were usually only open to the public for three weekends, but this time for seven months.

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