Vakanz genéissen - (Re)discovering Luxembourg

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From 23 July to 28 August 2022, the General Directorate for Tourism is offering all those who would like to (re)discover Luxembourg the chance to take a bite out of the Grand Duchy. "Vakanz Genéissen", a brand new event, is a gustatory and touristic journey through the nature, culture, history and great beauty of our unique country.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the weather is perfect for going out in a T-shirt. There's no doubt about it: the summer of 2022 is here. And after two years of sanitary restrictions, we've earned it. With the clouds, jumpers and masks gone, it's time to enjoy it. Algarve, Santorini, Canary Islands, Brittany… and why not Luxembourg?

The General Directorate for Tourism is innovating and launching, in line with its new strategy, the "Vakanz Genéissen" campaign. A programme that will combine tourism throughout the Grand Duchy, Luxembourg gastronomy and conviviality to prove that the grass is not always greener elsewhere. Luxembourg is full of exceptional tourist sites that are just waiting to be explored. From residents who want to rediscover their country to border residents looking for adventure, alone, with friends or with family… everyone is invited!

6 sites worth visiting

From 23 July to 28 August, a dining table will travel through 6 different sites in the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In all, 24 meals will take place; 4 per weekend (lunch and dinner, Saturday and Sunday). And their destinations are worthy of the most beautiful postcards: breathtaking landscapes, idyllic nature, cultural references or historical heritage.

The first stop on the "Vakanz Genéissen" tour is the unmissable Park Dräi Eechelen. With the Thüngen Fort, home to the Dräi Eechelen Museum, on one side and a panoramic view of the capital on the other, this first destination is sure to be a success. A short stroll around the famous Mudam, designed by the architect of the Louvre, and the Philharmonie will not go amiss either.

For the second weekend, the focus is on nature and the Breechkaul amphitheatre. The programme will focus on the east of the country – and more specifically Berdorf. This is no surprise, as tourism in Luxembourg is synonymous with this area which is also called Little Switzerland. And yet, who would have thought that one day they would be lucky enough to enjoy a good meal in the middle of the forest and at the intersection of Route 2 of the Mullerthal Trail?

In the south of the Grand Duchy, Remerschen will welcome the first meals of August. With a good glass of wine – as is the custom in the region – and live music by Irish singer-songwriter Ethan Carey, you can enjoy a good meal amidst the songs of many kinds of birds and the flora and fauna of the Haff-Réimech. A tour of the breathtaking Nature and Forest Centre Biodiversum Camille Gira is offered.

"Vakanz Genéissen" will then move on to the most family-friendly of its sites: the Parc de l'Europe in Niederanven. From its botanical garden to its playground, every age group will find something to enjoy in this area of almost 2 hectares. Nature lovers will certainly not want to miss the educational walk that reveals all the secrets and characteristics of the trees on site.

Then, off to the North for a penultimate meal rich in history, in the heart of Wiltz Castle. Surrounded by forests and rich in museums, notably the Battle of the Bulge Museum, this site is also steeped in culture. Especially since the Wiltz Festival welcomes world-famous musicians to perform on the stage of its amphitheatre every year during the summer months.

Luxembourg is full of exceptional tourist sites that are just waiting to be explored.

To end on a high note, the Hal Fondouq in Dudelange will introduce visitors to the Minett through a unique exhibition, conceptualised in the framework of Esch2022. In addition to highlighting the region's industrial heritage, this exhibition will also deal with its social life, architecture, nature, art and immigration. An event not to be missed!

Meals worthy of their sites

As well as the location of the tables at "Vakanz Genéissen", the food will also be worth a visit. The menus will be concocted by local chefs with regional and of course seasonal products, especially for the occasion. From a simple barbecue to a three-course meal, there is something for everyone. Each weekend will offer its own specialities with one promise: you will enjoy yourself.

The best part is that there are still places available. So if you're already salivating, don't hesitate any longer and click here. Each meal will see 100 lucky people have a chair reserved in their name. You can be one of them.