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By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Xavier Bettel is a born election campaigner. One almost gets the impression that the DP's top candidate would prefer it to always be an election campaign. His job as head of government, however, seems to be as much fun for him after ten years as it was on the first day. It is clear that he wants to remain prime minister.

An omen for the election outcome? When we walk through Esch with the Green top candidate Sam Tanson, it is raining torrentially. When we meet with Luc Frieden, the CSV top candidate, it is also raining, sometimes quite heavily. When we start walking with the LSAP top candidate Paulette Lenert, the first drops are already falling. When we picked up DP candidate Xavier Bettel at the Ministry of State, there was even a brief glimpse of sunshine; at least there was no rain during the subsequent sightseeing in the upper town.

As in summer

We meet the head of government, who is running as the incumbent in the elections on 8 October, directly after lunch at the State Ministry. But before that, we have to go through the usual security checks to be allowed into the Hôtel Saint Maximin. This is the building that now houses the Ministry of State, after having housed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years.

So: you hand in your ID or press card, get a visitor badge as a substitute and have to pass through a security gate like at the airport before you are allowed into the inner sanctum: Into the heart of our executive branch, where the head of the house is already waiting for us in the best of moods. He is visibly happy to leave his office for a short walk, which is what we met with the top candidates of the four major parties for in the past weeks.

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