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Grevenmacher is something very special. Not because it were so beautiful there on the Moselle (which it is, of course), but because women are clearly in the majority here, politically speaking. There are seven women among the eleven members of the municipal council. We visited two DP candidates.

In our series leading up to the municipal elections on 11 June, we take two candidates running in the municipal elections on a walk through their community and ask them what is on their mind in their community. If they are opposition politicians, we ask them to give concrete examples of what their party would do better if they won the election. Or, if they are representatives of the majority, you ask them what is going well, but could perhaps be done better.

These don't necessarily have to be the best-known names, because at the moment everyone wants to talk to them anyway. In the third part of our series, we spend an afternoon with the two DP candidates Claire Sertznig and Tim Asselborn in Grevenmacher.

A bit like being on holiday

Unfortunately, the weather on this day is not exactly breathtaking, but that has been the rule rather than the exception so far in this rainy spring. Nevertheless, when you come to the Moselle from the capital, you somehow always feel a bit like you're on holiday. This is of course also the case in Grevenmacher, which does not have such a popular esplanade as Remich, but does have the only butterfly garden in the country, a popular open-air swimming pool, and with the Kulturhuef even a museum dedicated to the history of letterpress printing, which also houses a permanent exhibition on the subject of playing cards.

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