"The only thing missing is a bus stop"

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

If Co-labor were a human being and not a cooperative, it could retire this year, but of course it is not. On the contrary, the pioneer in work integration, ecological responsibility and organic food is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

There are a number of solidarity economy projects in Luxembourg, but Co-labor has a double pioneering role. Founded in 1983 as a cooperative to offer meaningful work to hard-to-place young people, Co-labor in fact also pays attention to the principles of sustainable development from the outset and was one of the very first providers of organic baskets of home-grown fruit and vegetables.

During our visit to the Grevelsbarrière in Bertrange, where the cooperative has found a new home and enough space several years ago, we were able to get an overview of Co-labor's many activities.

Vegetable patch instead of red carpet

What strikes us immediately: On the parking lot in front of the store are more big than small cars, but that the buyers of organic products are usually rather well-off should be no secret.

What also strikes us, after we have obtained a first overview: How large the area with its grocery store, restaurant/café and sales areas for plants, garden accessories, landscaping and firewood actually is. The sprawling site covers 3.5 hectares and is being made available to Co-labor by the municipality of Bartringen via a ground lease for 49 years.

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