"I could have been a doctor"

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

What does Luc Schiltz, who plays a grumpy police inspector in the hit series Capitani, think of police officers? We asked, raised many more questions and took a walk with the very likeable actor through the station district.

We didn't want to conduct a regular interview with the (by now no longer quite so) new star on the local film horizon, but rather indulge in a kind of Through the Night with … Luc Schiltz. We wanted to do that in Brussels, where he happened to be working during the same week as we were there. But it didn't work out, because the filming for the TV series Baraki, for which Schiltz was in Brussels, turned out to be "slightly chaotic", as the actor puts it, so that Through the Night with us unfortunately didn't happen.

Much to Schiltz's delight, we had already chosen a black metal concert, a techno party and a noise performance for our nightly adventure, so that we wouldn't get bored, but we had to attend all of these events alone, or rather without Luc Schiltz (which was fun nonetheless).

Through the late morning with … Luc Schiltz

A few weeks later, however, Through the Night with … became at least a kind of Through the Late Morning with … Luc Schiltz, in this case a walk through the station district, since the second season of Capitani was also filmed in the red-light district, which in daylight looks quite grey. The rather short walk, which had to be interrupted due to the weather, was followed by an extensive interview on the premises of Lëtzebuerger Journal.

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