Hello Esports - The world of streaming (and speedrunning)

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Welcome to this podcast by Orange, Lëtzebuerger Journal and the Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) about all things Esports in Luxembourg. Maxime Toussaint meets up with actors from the video games scene to discover more about the world of competitive gaming.

#9 The world of streaming (and speedrunning)

This time, Maxime dives into the world of streaming with GreenSnowDog, a Swedish-Luxembourgish streamer with over 800 followers on Twitch who holds several records in speedrunning – the art of finishing a game as fast as possible. Through the speedrunner’s stories and his expert Rene Treur’s, he discovers how streaming helps Esports grow and gets to know more about a discipline that has yet to find a place among the biggest titles in competitive gaming.

*in English