Hello Esports - Esports in LXB

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Welcome to this podcast by Orange, Lëtzebuerger Journal and the Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) about all things Esports in Luxembourg. Maxime Toussaint smoothly introduces you to the world of competitive gaming before diving in deeper in episodes to come.

#1 Esports in LXB

Esports has evolved from niche to mass phenomenon in the last few years. Yet, it remains a mystery for most people. And it’s no different for Maxime, who meets up with actors from the video games scene to discover more about it.

In this first episode, he is joined by LESF founder Joe Hoffmann and its latest member Sacha Weichel. Together, they chat about the two guests’ early gaming days and draw a landscape of the Luxembourgish Esports scene, defining what Esports really are (with the help of expert René Treur) and answering general questions that could apply to any traditional sport to set the stage for the podcast adventure to come.

*in English