Forward to the past

By Pascal Steinwachs Switch to German for original article

Great Expectations is the title of a classic novel by Charles Dickens. Many voters also have great expectations of the new government. Incidentally, Dickens' book was published as a serialised novel at the time. An omen for the future of the CSV-DP coalition? Who knows. A commentary including an initial overview.

Less is more: instead of three governing parties, there are now only two. Instead of two deputy prime ministers, there is now only one. Instead of 17 members of government, the new government now has 15 ministers. These have now been sworn in. The Chamber of Deputies is complete again. The CSV-DP coalition is in office. The time of the three-party coalition is definitely history.

Despite his constant assertions that he is not only a leader but also a team player, Luc Frieden leaves no doubt that governing is now once again a matter for the boss. After all, he had to play second fiddle under Jean-Claude Juncker as the eternal dauphin for long enough.

Before the elections, Frieden had said in a TV duel with Xavier Bettel that as prime minister you sometimes have to bang your fist on the table. Now Frieden is Prime Minister, and his body language leaves no doubt that he meant what he said about banging his fist on the table.

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