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All three are in opposition, all three do not have the financial resources as the four big parties, and all three do more or less everything in-house as a result. We spoke to the campaign managers of adr, Pirates and déi Lénk.

How are the political parties preparing for the super election year? Who is responsible for the election campaign? Who is calling on the support of foreign specialists? Who is doing it all in-house? We asked, and immediately turned it into a new series, which concludes with this article.

In the last part of our series, we let the three smaller opposition parties – apart from the CSV – have their say, i.e. adr (four MPs), Pirates and déi Lénk (two MPs each), whose campaign managers we visited one after the other in the past weeks.

adr: "We are not a selfie party"

In the case of adr, these are not the party president or the general secretary, but the two secretariat staff members Jang Modert and Michel Lemaire, who are responsible for coordinating a task force made up of staff and elected representatives in preparation for the municipal elections. "But party president Fred Keup is almost always there, " says Modert, who is also general secretary of adr youth department adrenalin.

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