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The fact that the adr has a youth section is probably not known to everyone. Déi jonk adr, adrenalin, also wants to seek more contact with people their age.

On the eve of our interview last Friday, Maksymilian Woroszylo – one of our two interviewees along with adrenalin president Michel Lemaire – was elected as the new vice-president at the youth organisation's congress. However, the 23-year-old mechanical engineering student, who is studying in Vienna, is expected to succeed Michel Lemaire at the head of the déi jonk adr later this year, who, according to his own statements, no longer comes across as "so cool" as a 32-year-old. The latter is a literary scholar and has been working as a parliamentary assistant at the adr for four years.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: How right-wing is the adrenalin? If one looks at a series of recent videos on the Facebook page of the déi jonk adr, in which you in particular, Maksymilian Woroszylo, rail against everything and everyone who has crossed their path – let's just mention gender ideology, the government's family policy, Joe Biden, the Greens, Paulette Lenert, Claude Meisch, Lëtz Rise Up … – one can really get scared.

Maksymilian Woroszylo: I wouldn't call it right-wing. I would rather call myself conservative. The examples you gave were about questioning certain things.

But the way you express yourself in these videos is quite violent! Don't you just want to provoke? Provocation for the sake of provocation?

MW: Provocative statements definitely make people react. So there were critical but also approving reactions. This is not least about freedom of expression.

So you are saying that you are not right-wing?

Michel Lemaire: If I may also say something in this regard. At adrenalin, we can't do anything with the categories left or right. Sometimes I'm more to the left, for example with regard to a financial system that leaves small earners by the wayside, but with regard to other convictions I'm rather conservative – I wouldn't call it right-wing. In any case, we are not hostile to progression.

However, we have certain fixed points that we advocate, for example in family policy, where we still believe that the family is the core cell of society and should remain so. What we criticise in this context is that the state is about to take over the role of those who are supposed to bring up the children.

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