The Zulu from Luxembourg

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Between Sharks, Pyramids and Zulus is not only the subtitle of Yasmine Hémès' autobiographical book, but also sums up well the last ten years in the life of the Luxembourger. A life that could not have been more exciting – sometimes almost too exciting.

It is Friday evening, shortly after 7 pm. We are in Belvaux and it is incredibly hot. It is even hotter under the roof of the House of Culture and History, called "A Gadder". Nevertheless, many friends, family and work colleagues have gathered to attend the official launch of Über dem Wasser tauchen (in English: Diving Above the Water), the autobiographical book by Yasmine Hémès.

"Making the world a better place"

Before the 60-year-old reads from her book, however, a series of short speeches are on the programme. The author Ingo Blisse, with whose help the book was written, the publisher, the déi-Lénk member of parliament and Sanem councillor Myriam Cecchetti, who still knows Yasmine from the time when she worked for the municipality with her graphic design office, and Valérie Wagner, a now very good friend of Yasmine's, who got to know her through her donations for Izulu Water and their shared love of South Africa.

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