"You are sometimes reduced to your appearance"

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Riesling princess, track and field athlete, law student, professional model, weather forecaster, partner in a photo and make-up studio and - most recently - business manager in a social media agency ... some at the same time, too. Valérie Wagner's CV could not be more colourful.

Here she comes. All in black, beaming all over, and despite a light drizzle, without an umbrella. Before we retire for a coffee to Café Interview, where we have arranged to meet Valérie Wagner on an uncomfortable morning shortly before Christmas, we quickly take a few photos outside the door. Then we take the tram to the station district, where more photos are taken before we retire to the premises of the Lëtzebuerger Journal for the actual interview.

What you always wanted to know about models but didn't dare ask until now

What is striking about the photo shoot is that Valérie switches to model mode in a flash, almost from one second to the next, as soon as a camera is pointed at her. Some passers-by look curiously to see who knows how to pose so well. In the café interview, too, the owner asks Valérie Wagner, after more pictures have been taken, whether she doesn't find it terribly annoying to be photographed all the time, which she smilingly denies.

Our first impression: no trace of arrogance. Valérie Wagner is super likeable and, in terms of type and appearance, more like the girl next door than the former professional model who has been regularly seen on television with her weather forecast for several years now.

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