Voices from the railway station area

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Security in and around the railway station district has not only been an issue since the recent incidents. Not enough has been done for years, some say. Business people and those who live in the neighbourhood share their experiences and provide a more nuanced picture.

Two incidents within two days kept the discussion about savety in the station district going. It is well known for years that the area has not been one of the most popular places in Luxembourg. The lack of sufficient police officers is constantly the subject of heated discussions. The latter is one of the reasons why the municipality hired two different security companies since December last year. The fact that their use remains legally controversial does not seem to stop Mayor Lydie Polfer (DP) from maintaining the contract. It is due to expire after six months on November 15, but will be automatically renewed unless ended by the city. Maximum duration is set for three years.

Priority: the well-being of the customers

Although some residents in the area welcome the presence of security guards, it has not magically solved the problems persisting for years. This is also the opinion of Gwendolyne Schommer, who is no stranger to the neighbourhood. She has been running the Hotel Perrin in Rue de Strasbourg with her father for six years and has been welcoming customers in her new bar-restaurant Madame Jeanette – at the same address – since August, 26. Even though this is planned as a temporary solution (in two years, the entire ground floor will be rebuilt and the restaurant should become part of the hotel), she would hardly have taken this step if she didn't feel comfortable. "Personally, I feel safe here – but I am also relatively simple-minded", Schommer answers during our conversation at Madame Jeanette.

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Voices from the railway station area


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