The urge for freedom

By Franziska PeschelLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Parkour is the sporting expression of a generation striving for freedom. The sport is also becoming increasingly popular in Luxembourg. This wave is currently driven by the Schengen association Kaizen Parkour Academy with Emilie Bleser as president.

The sun casts shadows on walls and paths behind the Coque in Kirchberg. For Emilie Bleser (20) it is one of the first times this year – out in the open nature of the city. One, two, three, four short steps, then she pushes off from the asphalt and finds herself on the wall in one leap, lands on the balls of her feet, pushes off again shortly afterwards and hangs onto the opposite wall with her fingers, pulls herself up and stands on it. In parkour, Emilie tries to combine as many elements as possible, to create lines. When she runs through the city, she always looks at the obstacles, the challenges that this huge playground is for parkour runners. A bench, a wall, stairs, railings, street lamps – the city is full of things that are not only a help to make the everyday life of the city dwellers easier. In the eyes of Emilie Bleser and other parkour artists, they are tools for the art of movement.

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