True pictures

By Lex KlerenMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

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The new year is a fitting opportunity to look back on the last twelve months. For the Journal team, this means reflecting on more than 600 published articles and podcasts, as well as at least three times as many conducted interviews. Each team member has selected the contribution that has marked them the most in 2023.

In my retrospective, I would like to use the articles I have selected to draw attention to the importance of images, and above all authentic images, in the press. It is particularly close to my heart that our editorial team does not work with impersonal stock photos from image databases.

The visual component plays a crucial role when it comes to transporting the reader into the world of the event. With this in mind, I am proud to say that every report we publish has been shot by myself, Misch Pautsch or one of our trusted freelance photographers on location. Especially in these times of artificial intelligence and fake news, this allows us to ensure that the situation is documented as it actually happened.

I hope that you appreciate our efforts to provide lively and honest reporting and that you find the content of our retrospective as interesting as we do.