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Monique Becker wanted to paint all her life, but it was only at an advanced age that painting really took off. Since then, she spends her days almost exclusively in her studio - and couldn't be happier.

Monique Becker? That's the one who always paints black pictures. This or something similar is usually the reaction when the art-savvy public talks about Monique Becker. The fact is: black is almost certainly the painter's favourite colour, although black is not just black. On the contrary: there are numerous shades of the same colour, whereby Monique Becker's paintings always look different anyway, depending on how the light falls and from which side you look at the paintings.

Large format here really means large format

The 64-year-old does not only paint black pictures, of course, but has also painted white pictures, red pictures, and during the Corona period even green pictures. "During the pandemic, I painted green pictures because the weather outside was so beautiful and I was always in the garden. The lawn, the trees and the hedges, everything was a different shade of green. So I did a whole series of green paintings."

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