The time after

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

One is a LSAP member, and would have loved to continue; the other is CSV member, and has voluntarily retired from politics. For Tom Krieps, not being re-elected on June 11 was a hard blow, while Claudine Konsbruck did not even run for office again.

We got the idea to talk to the two former city councillors when we came across pictures on social media. These pictures showed the outgoing and re-elected local politicians as they are embracing each other – most of them with one eye laughing and one eye crying. Some are happy that they have been re-elected, but sad that they will no longer – or only rarely – see their long-time bench mates. The others sad that they were not re-elected or are no longer there, but somehow happy and relieved that they now have more time for other things.

First his father's son, and now his niece's uncle

We visit Claudine Konsbruck and Tom Krieps on a not-so-sunny afternoon in Belair. However, the day is still sunny enough for us to have our conversation outside, on the terrace in Claudine Konsbruck's garden.

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