Those excluded from fiber

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High-powered wired internet will inevitably use fiber. While operators are doing their utmost to ensure that Luxembourg is at the forefront of European countries in terms of coverage, the reality is quite different for residents of older buildings. And the sums involved are not negligible.

"Can you hear me? "No, we can't see you", "Wait, I'll turn the camera off", are some of the phrases that came up regularly during the first few weeks of the lock-down in 2020. Tens of thousands of office workers were sent home, asked to work with the internet from home. Add to this the spouse, the children's home school, and some found that their broadband was not sufficient to support the back-to-back video meetings. Internet connection has become one of the essential needs, especially in times of pandemic and containment. Good old ADSL, sufficient for social networking and streaming content, was no longer powerful enough for the new needs of the home office.

The latest analysis of the "Worldwide broadband speed league" published by placed Luxembourg in 5th place worldwide in terms of Internet connection. For example, the POST fixed network currently offers every household in Luxembourg the possibility of 20 Mbit/s Internet access, 98% of the population can be connected to a 30 Mbit/s Internet access and 95% to a 100 Mbit/s broadband Internet access. According to figures from the Institut luxembourgeois de régulation (ILR), Luxembourg is 92% covered with Very High Capacity Network (VHCN – 1GBIT) Internet. This includes both fibre and Docsis 3 cable. If only fibre optics are taken into account, the coverage was 72% by mid-2020 for the whole of the Grand Duchy. But what is meant by fiber coverage?

The fibre connection is planned in advance

Good news for recently built residences, the fibre connection is thought out, thanks to the law of 22 March 2017 on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communication networks, which modifies the law of 16 May 1975 on the status of condominiums in built-up areas. This law provides that new buildings must be equipped with a physical structure adapted to broadband located inside the building and a reception infrastructure.

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Those excluded from fiber


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