A job that gets under your skin

By Laura TomassiniLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Master’s student becomes tattoo artist: Sounds like an unusual career jump? Well, it is! After five years at the University of Trier, Patty Rausch decides to leave German and Italian studies behind to finally realise her childhood dream. From now on, for her, it’s inking instead of cramming.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made”, says Patty Rausch shortly before her next tattoo appointment. The 26-year-old has been working at Moonlight Tattoo Studio in Differdange since January. Before that, she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Trier – or at least half-way through. “Actually, I’m done with my studies, but I still have to write my master’s thesis”, Patty reveals. The topic: misogyny in German rap. “I never wanted to go the traditional way, but always do what I enjoy”, says the 26-year-old. She already chose a somewhat unusual object of study for her Bachelor’s degree, namely intertextuality in Rammstein songs. “I speak a total of six languages and always try to connect everything that is important to me”, says Patty about her choice.

Few would probably guess the leap from German studies to tattoo art, but for the young Luxembourgeoise, it was already clear during her studies that she would take a different path. “I had a kind of ‘quarter-life crisis’ and didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.” As a former E-grader with a passion for music, Patty had always been drawn in an artistic direction. But it did not really click until around Christmas when the student started drawing again. “I was trying out new things on my iPad during the December holidays, after which my best friend asked me why I wouldn’t create an Instagram account for my drawings”, says Patty. After initial hesitation – the 26-year-old says of herself that she “suffers” from chronic insecurity – she followed the advice and promptly received positive feedback.

The success of the ‘why not’ attitude

“After three days I was contacted by a few people who wanted to get my designs tattooed. I was flattered, but thought it would actually be cool to tattoo the designs myself.” It was to be the start of a very special streak for Patty, as the thought motivated her to start looking. “I wanted to become a tattoo artist when I was in the art section in high school, but I always thought it would just be a dream that wouldn’t come true anyway”, confesses Patty. Massive mistake, because just two months later she is posting daily photos of her work on her clients’ skin. Patty got the job at Moonlight Tattoo Studio by chance because apprenticeships for tattoo beginners are rather scarce in Luxembourg. “I checked with my friends and was sent here. When I came by to introduce myself, Toki said I had talent and could start right away next week.”

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A job that gets under your skin


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