Searching for safety

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Refugees staying in shelters are grateful for the new accommodation. However, it should remain a temporary solution in the search for a host family. The Lëtzebuerger Journal asked concerned people and a host mother who welcomed a young Afghan to tell their story.

"My wish is to find a host family." We meet Mayla (name changed by the editors) in the capital near Gëlle Fra. She tells us that she came to Luxembourg from Cameroon just over a year ago and lives in a refugee shelter in the south of the country. "I have my own room, but it is next to the toilets", she says. "It is noisy, someone is always slamming the doors or playing loud music." The sanitary conditions are particularly troubling for the mid-50-year-old. "The toilets are dirty. There are period products on the floor." She repeats this statement a few times during our conversation. "You can see it on the floor and on the walls. I wonder how others just don't care about this. How can people live like this?"

An external cleaning company takes care of the common areas, according to a written response from the National Reception Office (ONA) to the Lëtzebuerger Journal when asked. "In addition to this, a cleaning plan is set up by the on-site supervisors." If the sanitary situation shows deficiencies, either the on-site supervisors can be contacted, or an email can be sent to the quality department of the ONA to evaluate the situation.

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