Obsessed (with art)

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Pilo is an original. Of course, he also has a surname, but very few people are likely to know it. For most people, he is simply Pilo: Pilo, the artist; Pilo, the collector; Pilo, the free jazz fan. A visit to his house, garage and museum in Limpertsberg.

We are five minutes early, but we can already see him opening the front door from afar. As we see later, the door is clearly marked with a bold Tenue correcte tolérée (proper attire tolerated), which says a lot about the owner of the house.

Pilo is just putting on his bright green coat when he sees us. He is also wearing a purple hat, a so-called pork pie hat, as worn by many jazz musicians in the past, thick-rimmed black glasses and adventurously patterned trousers. In middle-class Limpertsberg, his colourful look is likely to make him stand out even more than he would in a multicultural neighbourhood like Bonnevoie or the Gare.

The weather is disgusting and grey, but Pilo is dressed so colourfully and at the same time radiates such cheerfulness that you immediately get in a better mood yourself and the day seems less dreary.

Nothing is impossible

After greeting us – yes, our clothes are tolerated – Pilo wants to know if we have brought enough time with us. Before the actual museum, which of course isn't really a museum but rather a cabinet of curiosities, he has to show us his two warehouses where he keeps other things.

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