Neon green highlights in the red-light district

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Their neon green jackets make them hard to miss. The staff of the project ‘À vos côtés’ of the asbl ‘Inter-Actions’ not only accept that they will be noticed by anyone walking through the streets of the ‘Garer Quartier’. It is actually their explicit goal.

The question of the sense of security in the ‘Garer Quartier’, despite being discussed for a very long time, yet remain red-hot. So far, two main players have shared the task of ensuring law, order or even just the feeling of safety – especially the latter with moderate success. On the one hand: the police, who, according to Police Minister Henri Kox, “can’t do everything” because “the resources are lacking”. On the other: the security forces of the private company GDL Security, whose deployment, according to the municipal opposition of Luxembourg City, remains de facto unconstitutional and calls the rule of law into question, despite the limited area of operation. And somewhere in the middle: the citizens.

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Neon green highlights in the red-light district


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