"My story started with this car"

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Even at a young age, Criss Steichen was sure he wanted to start his own brand someday. In the Journal interview, he explains how far his initial idea has taken him and how he indirectly came into contact with Tesla boss Elon Musk.

We are led into the lower part of the house. Some boxes stacked on top of each other along the wall, next to the packed clothes horse, various gardening utensils can be found in the corner. Exactly what a typical house basement looks like. This one, however, has a surprise up its sleeve. "Don't be surprised: I told you it's not particularly big – I often get it to look bigger in the photos", Criss replies to us with a somewhat embarrassed and excited laugh. Yes, he's right. The next room we are led into is small. However, it contains an exciting story.

"Here are the sweaters of the latest collection, with that piece over there I press my logo on the clothes and on this table I experiment with the color combinations." The young man wants to show everything, explain every important step of his working process and amazes himself that so much is possible in these few square meters of space. Criss Steichen is the face behind MisFitted, a brand that found its beginnings in the Luxembourg car industry and has since developed into – as the 26-year-old himself explains – a lifestyle brand.

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"My story started with this car"


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