Luxembourg's music scene in the fast lane

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

The Luxembourg music scene has often a reputation of not being able to keep up with other countries. If this was ever the case, the small Grand Duchy can undoubtedly look back on the achievements of its musicians. About the development of an industry and those who would like to go to the ESC on behalf of Luxembourg in 2024.

"No support, not even a mention" was one of the main statements in a panel discussion published in January 2021 by Lëtzebuerger Journal with three Luxembourgish musicians from the rap and hip-hop scene. The lack of visibility of (Luxembourgish) music by Luxembourgish artists is a one and off discussion every few months. Turnup Tun, in particular, was never tired of maintaining his criticism towards the Luxemburgish press, especially the fact that radio airplay given to them was far from being satisfying. Until now.

"There's a lot more on the radio, " the 29-year-old, whose new EP Schlëmme Summer 2 will be released on August 4, tells Lëtzebuerger Journal. "I think it hasn't happened so much regarding the music itself, but more on the side of the radio stations." The rapper and producer cites the example of Eldoradio and refers to the respective changes in the management and music editors. "Since Chris Reuter is the new head of music, much has happened. They now notice what the people like to hear in Luxembourg, " he says.

Satisfied with the development

Turnup Tun is sure: music from Luxembourg is now just as well made, mixed and produced as tracks from abroad. "There's still some work to do, but it's getting better and better." The statement "Oh, that's good – for Luxembourg" is something he has heard time and again, especially in 2013/2014 when his career was just starting. "Luxembourgish music was often laughed at", as if Luxembourgers were not trusted with anything. "One reason for this thinking could be that music from abroad was seen as a reference, because there weren't many great Luxembourgish artists who were super famous beyond the country's borders."

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