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By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

These weeks we are visiting the parliamentary group secretaries of those parties that have enough MPs to form a parliamentary group. Déi gréng have the smallest parliamentary group.

Giny Deltgen, the good soul of the Green parliamentary group, had brought drinks, glasses and cups to the terrace before our visit, but then it starts to rain heavily, just as we were about to start our interview with the Green parliamentary group secretary. Too hard to wait for the rain to stop, which in this case unfortunately turned out not to be a short shower but a persistent rain. So everything had to be brought inside.

The longest-serving of the current parliamentary group secretaries

The terrace on Rue du St. Esprit (unfortunately mostly inaccessible to the public) above the Corniche probably has one of the most spectacular panoramas you can have in the capital. No other party is likely to offer its employees such a beautiful view at their workplace. The DP parliamentary group, located on the same street directly opposite, may have the more spacious offices, but all they can look at is the façade of the Green parliamentary group.

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