"I simply was a little lazy"

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Mandy Graff became famous through her participation in the casting show Germany's Next Topmodel. After that, she was one of the most famous Luxembourgers for a while, before things calmed down. Today, the 33-year-old works as a primary school teacher, and is an enthusiastic horse rider.

We meet Mandy Graff on one of the first really sunny days of this year. Not at her home, and not in a café somewhere, no. The meeting place is the Bouferterhaff, a horse paradise not far from the city. Horses everywhere, horse girls (horse boys seem to be rather rare), and that very special horse smell that only exists in riding stables.

"Heidi Klum is super likeable"

By the way, the horse farm was our idea … because we had heard that Mandy is a great horse lover. Her own horses, however, are in Bitburg, but that was a bit too far for us, so we met at the Bouferterhaff. This stable belongs to the family of the well-known artist Eric Mangen, who in turn is a good friend of Mandy, so she suggested we meet there.

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