"I need the stage"

By Pascal SteinwachsMike Zenari Switch to German for original article

A singer, actor and dancer who has both the Luxembourgish and French citizenship, who always wanted to go to Paris but now lives in Berlin and Mondorf, and whose grandmother can be seen in a film with Audrey Hepburn: as a nun. Sounds interesting ...

When we meet Loïc Schlentz in the Tetinger Schungfabrik, he is rehearsing for his role of a miner in the musical Den neie Mineur, although during our visit the miner is not wearing pit pants and a helmet, but shorts and a T-shirt. Also, in this case, the miner's face was not soot-smeared, but sweaty from the heat. It was, after all, one of those ultra-hot days that were the norm in this endless summer.

Discipline and perseverance

On this day, we were able to see for ourselves how sweaty and unglamorous rehearsals really are. Reciting the same text or singing the same part ten or more times can be quite boring, especially for those who sit somewhere in the back of the hall and watch the action on stage from afar. What later looks easy and relaxed at best during the performance requires not only talent but also, as we have always suspected, a great deal of discipline and perseverance.

The terrace of the pavilion, where the extremely cheerful and accessible 29-year-old wanted to take us, was unfortunately exceptionally closed on this late afternoon. Much to the delight of the passing walkers and cyclists, who were initially startled when Schlentz sang at the top of his lungs several times to give us an understanding of what had just been discussed, but then enthusiastically took note of the whole thing.

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