"I am an extremely emotional person"

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Her favourite word is absolute. Her music, which is dark and melancholic, but also poppy at the same time, is an absolute recommendation too. Cara Wagner aka Angel Cara has been musically active since childhood, and really wants to take off now.

If you listen to the radio regularly, browse the popular streaming services or are on social media, you will certainly have heard or seen her: Angel Cara (the official spelling is angel cara), who, after attracting attention with a series of singles and music videos over the past three years, released her first EP, Music To Cry To, in September last year.

Vocals, lyrics and music form a unity, the production is state of the art, and the videos are also unusually professional and pleasantly aesthetic. It is actually surprising that Cara Wagner is not already much better known, but that could change in the next few months when she performs a series of shows under her alias Angel Cara.

Growing up with music

We meet the 23-year-old at the capital's train station: not because it's so nice here, but because we have our offices there. Cara Wagner catches our eye from afar: All in black. Black jumper, black trousers, black handbag and a long black coat, which she later tells us she just bought in Amsterdam. Only the sneakers are white.

But before the conversation, we have a comprehensive photo session, which – the weather couldn't be better – takes us through half the city. Cara Wagner, who was also active as a model at times in the past, can put on her perfect photo face within a hundredth of a second. On our tour of the city, we somehow even meet the designated top candidates of the CSV at some point, but that's another story.

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