Gangs of Gosseldange

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The world can be exhausting. That's why we compiled this gallery of two police officers trying to catch a goat in the small village of Gosseldange. Drama, suspense, action, emotions – and goats. Once again, we deliver the hard-hitting journalism the world needs.

"She really doesn't feel like going back home", the policeman groans. His mask cannot hide his slightly pained smile. The slow-motion chase across terraces, building sites, over hedges and under fences lasts a good hour by now. The runaways: two goats. One voluntarily retreated to the pasture, the other is still on the run. They have owned the streets of Gosseldange in the heart of the country for several months by now. Though the advance of apartment buildings has not spared the small village, it still carries a rural flair. Even if it has lost some of it over the years, a third policeman implies as he watches his colleagues more or less successfully restrain the goat. "This is nothing. We used to get calls to catch cows here quite regularly." The days of those epic gang wars in the streets of the village seem to be over. Cows have not been driven to pastures here for a long time. Now, only these two stragglers continue to annihilate tulips and roses to remind the residents of Gosseldange where they are: In the countryside. On their land. It was only with the help of a construction worker who happened to be familiar with the animals that the runaway was apprehended in the end, horncuffed and dragged back to the pasture, more sitting than walking.

"They really would not bother me if they were just running around. If only they didn't eat my pumpkins, " Mich says as he rebuilds the chicken fence in which the goat got caught while dodging the policemen. "The fence around the pasture of the goats recently repaired, but the animals started crawling under it." Less than a fortnight ago, a motorist tried to catch one of the goats with his bare hands because it blocked the road. What exactly the plan would have been had he caught it is not entirely clear, however. No one could tell us who informed the police about this latest escape attempt, but the adventurous goats have been known to animal welfare and the police for some time. "The owner is elderly and can't really look after them anymore, it seems… He is very attached to the animals, " says one of the police officers. Indeed, one of the animals has very long claws on both feet. After the chase, the police officers contacted the owner of the animals to inform him about the incident and ensure the well-being and safety of the animals.

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