The eternal conflict

By Pascal Steinwachs Switch to German for original article

Since the brutal attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israel and the subsequent war in the Gaza Strip, which left over 15,000 people dead, the Middle East conflict has once again become the focus of international attention. The fronts are more hardened than ever. On Luxembourg's position in the history of the conflict.

For a while, we were all virologists, then later Russia experts. Since October 7, since the horrific Hamas attack on Israel, some of us have also become Middle East experts. It is therefore probably no coincidence that Ukraine was also displaced by Hamas in the most searched news category on Google in Luxembourg in the year that is now coming to an end, as can be seen from the annual review of the world's most used search engine published at the beginning of this week.

Of course, a little googling is not enough here. The matter is complicated, very complicated indeed, otherwise the Middle East conflict would not have occupied the world for many decades, sometimes more and sometimes less in the public eye.

Yet everything could be so simple: Jews and Palestinians could live together peacefully. Both in their own state, with an internationalization of Jerusalem, but for whatever reason, that seems to be an impossibility.

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