Editorial - Full speed to the right

By Pascal Steinwachs Switch to German for original article

Europe has voted and is drifting more and more to the right. Unfortunately, the feared shift to the right has not failed to materialise. However, the parties of the political centre are still in the majority. In Luxembourg, meanwhile, the adr has managed to win a seat in the European Parliament for the first time.

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If you look at the results of the European elections, Luxembourg is the only country among the six founding members that has so far been less affected by the prevailing shift to the right. Although the adr received 11.76 per cent of the vote, giving Fernand Kartheiser a seat in the European Parliament, the centre parties are still ahead in this country.

In the five other founding states, however, the situation is indeed worrying.

In France, for example, the Le Pen party Rassemblement National emerged as the clear winner, and so clearly – the former Front National received twice as many votes as President Macron – that Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised speech immediately after the election results were announced, in a move that could almost be described as hara-kiri, that he would dissolve parliament and call new elections for 30 June. For Macron, who – for the time being – is not resigning, attack still seems to be the best defence.

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