Dogs explicitly allowed

By Pascal SteinwachsMike Zenari Switch to German for original article

If you like contemporary art, you have to visit the new Escher Konschthal. The official opening takes place this weekend, october 2nd.

Esch 2021, if there would be such a thing, is ready to go. While Esch2022 is somehow not really getting off the ground and those in charge prefer to refer to the next press conference, at which new tidbits of information about the Capital of Culture will be unveiled, at Konschthal Esch "everything is running normally", as a well-known Escher artist legend would put it.

Although the Konschthal is partly collaborating with Esch2022 on various projects, it otherwise has nothing to do with the European Capital of Culture. The art gallery officially opens its doors this weekend with a program running over two days. Admission is free, the Covid check should be a matter of course and a fear of the unknown out of place.

Reason enough for the Lëtzebuerger Journal to go by train to Esch/Alzette to see for ourselves the new space dedicated to contemporary art in the run-up to the opening weekend, which we did on Wednesday last week. We couldn't really imagine that one and a half weeks later, three exhibitions would be completed and open to the public, as at the time of our visit, hammering, painting and drillin still took place, but if you love art, you should have a little imagination.

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Dogs explicitly allowed


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