Do not sell your soul

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Although déi Lénk only came of age a few years ago, the party is already an old hand in the local political cosmos. André Hoffmann, still something of a grey eminence on the Luxembourg left, explains why this is so.

"déi Lénk" was founded on January 30, 1999, as a rallying point for various leftist tendencies. Five years earlier, after the split of the Communist Party, disappointed KPL members had already founded the Nei Lénk, which immediately participated in the 1994 elections – unsuccessfully. To increase their chances of success, Nei Lénk and the KPL formed déi Lénk for the 1999 elections. The latter managed to enter parliament directly.

In the following elections, however, the KPL had already withdrawn from the déi Lénk and compiled its own lists, with the result that both the déi Lénk and the Communists failed and none won a seat. In 2009, déi Lénk managed to re-enter the Chamber of Deputies; in 2013, it even received two mandates.

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