Because they all need cleaning!

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He has been part of the "Team Clean" of the City of Luxembourg's fleet for a year now. Cleaning buses is Jérôme Eickelpasch's specialty. An unusual profession when you learn that the 34-year-old is actually a trained cook and baker.

"I was employed at a bakery for seven years and was actually satisfied there. After my paternity leave, however, I wanted to switch from the night shift to the day shift so I could spend more time with my family. But since that wasn't possible, I changed jobs", Jérôme Eickelpasch reveals during the interview. Today, the 34-year-old sweeps, cleans and refuels buses in Hollerich so that schoolchildren, professionals and and everybody else can get from A to B in the city's clean transportation system. Jérôme enjoys working in the fleet, but above all it allows him to do exactly what is important to him outside of the eight "compulsory hours".

As a father with heart and soul, his children are always most important because he himself knows what an impact a positive childhood can have on future life. "In my choice of profession, my grandmother was decisive. We used to cook together when I was a little boy and that gave me a direction", Jérôme recalls. He has never been a fan of technology and as a teenager he didn't have much to do with wood and metal either. "At the 7ème and 8ème, we had different workshops; I was always the best in the kitchen back then, while I always did the worst in craft tasks", he says with a laugh.

The Luxembourger with German roots discovered his love for food already in elementary school, when the Hôtel Bel-Air from Echternach paid a visit to the class in the 6th grade: "We were allowed to taste food and find out whether it tasted more sweet or sour. At the time, I thought to myself, 'This is something for me!'" However, working as a chef didn't seem compatible with his personal life in terms of hours, so Jérôme apprenticed as a baker at Bonnevoie and dedicated himself to pasta.

Accurate and a team player

The 34-year-old can also apply his experience as a baker to his new job, because a croissant master as well as well as a bus cleaner have one thing in common: cleanliness is key. "I don't have a problem with cleaning, I had to do that in the past. My favorite thing to take care of is the windows, I absolutely love cleaning those." In Hollerich, the cleaning procedure is carried out 365 days a year because the fleet is in permanent use. Even during the lockdown in March 2020, buses drove in and out, as team leader André Zupanoski explains: "Our main work consists of cleaning and refueling and we also have a car wash inside the park. Currently, the Ville de Luxembourg (VdL) has about 100 buses, which corresponds to about 75 percent. During lockdown, it was only 25 percent, but they all need to be cleaned."

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Because they all need cleaning!


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