"Because so much will remain ..."

By Pascal SteinwachsMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

The Esch 2022 Capital of Culture project is slowly drawing to a close. It's high time we went back to Esch to see for ourselves and, while we're there, to get a feel for Director General Nancy Braun.

All good things come in threes. After 1995 and 2007, this year our country can once again adorn itself with the label of European Capital of Culture, which has been awarded annually by the European Union since 1985. In 1995, the city of Luxembourg was the sole organiser of the cultural festival. In 2007, the Saar-Lor-Lux region participated alongside the capital, while in the same year, Sibiu in Romania was another city to bear the title.

This year it is Esch/Alzette's turn – together with ten other municipalities from the south of the country as well as eight municipalities in Lorraine such as Villerupt and Audun-le-Tiche. European twin towns this time are Novi Sad in Serbia and Kaunas in Lithuania.

Under the motto Remix Culture, around 160 projects with more than 2,000 events took place – and are still taking place – in the participating municipalities over the course of the year, although they were not met with enthusiasm everywhere.

What will remain of Esch 2022? Quite a lot, as Director General Nancy Braun underlined to us in a detailed interview we had recently in Esch-Belval.

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