Luxembourg Waffle - Ricardo Rodrigues

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In this podcast series, Laura and Teo are joined by guests who found their place in the Grand Duchy. The Luxembourg Waffle is about all the little (and not so little) things that make the Luxembourg melting pot so very unique.

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Luxembourg Waffle - Ep. 9

Ricardo Rodrigues on journalism

It's time to celebrate: Lëtzebuerger Journal turns 75! For this special occasion Laura and Teo got lucky and were invited to record at the Kulturhuef Grevenmacher, where they were not only joined by their super interesting guest, fellow journalist Ricardo Rodrigues, but also by His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri, who came to listen to their recording. The topic this time: journalism, and what role it plays in democracy.

Ricardo, who's originally from Portugal and thus the first Waffle guest from one of Luxembourg's biggest communities, has already worked in many countries and is an experienced (and awarded!) investigative journalist specialising in environment and social matters. During this summer, Ricardo went on a three week stroll through Luxembourg to find out what kind of changes its citizens are experiencing, and what stories they have to tell. Together with Laura and Teo, he discusses how to make interesting what is important and why journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy, giving readers, viewers and listeners insights on relevant topics, while also keeping policy and decision makers in check.

Tune in to hear why it's so important to have many different media in Luxembourg and get a glimpse into the working world of three freelance journalists!

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