Luxembourg Waffle - Ivana Larusson

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In this podcast series, Laura and Teo are joined by guests who found their place in the Grand Duchy. The Luxembourg Waffle is about all the little (and not so little) things that make the Luxembourg melting pot so very unique.

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Luxembourg Waffle - Ep. 7

Ivana Larusson on self-employment and creativity

For this episode, Laura and Teo were lucky to catch some of the last sunrays before "summer in Luxembourg", i.e. rain, rain and even more rain hit the Grand-Duchy. Their toes in the sand of Theater Plage in the city center, they met up with Ivana Larusson, a visual designer and fellow freelancer, although that's not what she calls herself. Ivana moved to Luxembourg at the age of 18 and has since then been self-employed. Born in the US with a Croatian family background, Ivana is a bit like her home of choice: a mix of many things. Above all, Ivana considers herself a creative and does not only run her own make-up studio, but also specializes in video, photography, social media management and brand identity. Tune in to hear about how to take a foothold in Luxembourg's media industry, a common misconception about drafts and why we all love "Gromperekichelcher".

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